Ford Says it Has Auto Loans Available to Buyers

Ford wants consumers to know that they can get you financing for your new car. "We have our own finance company and we are still loaning money and leasing cars,” Ford said.

Jim Farley, Ford’s head of sales and marketing, says his company is still able to get loans and leases for most customers with decent credit through its finance arm, Ford Credit.  He said this is "a critical advantage" at a time when some manufacturers are turning people away, reports the Detroit News.
"Ford Credit is still in business," Farley said Monday.  "We have to start pointing that out.  It’s up to us to communicate it."
Auto sales remain fragile in October after falling to their lowest level in 15 years in September, said Mark Fields, president of Ford’s Americas group.
"Never waste a crisis in the industry," said Fields.  "It allows us to look at the business and take appropriate actions to secure the future of the company."