GM Releases Official Camaro Pricing

This has been a long wait for many people. First off, the Camaro’s official shape was released, which was very faithful to the concept and had hearts pumping. Then, news came out that the base V6 would be a contender, with a modern direct-injection V6 making 300 horses. All these are good things when considering the purchase of a Camaro, but when GM recently announced the pricing for the new muscle car, things went from good to great.

The Camaro will start at $22,995 for a V6 model and $30,995 for the 400-hp V8 SS. That’s cheap for what’s considered by many to be a very fast car. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but when it is officially released, the base Camaro will be the cheapest way to drive away from a dealer with 300-hp in your pocket. Another 8 grand buys you two extra cylinders and another 100-hp, which is not bad at all.

All in all, GM should sell a butt load of these cars, especially the LT V6 model, which manages an impressive 27mpg on the highway. Though it’s been a long wait, the Camaro looks to be well worth it. For a little dough, you get a lot of go. Isn’t that what muscle cars are all about?


Source: Auto Week

Photo: General Motors Co.