General Motors Auctions Off Part of its Vast Collection of Cars


GM is doing something it hasn’t done in a long time. It is going through its Heritage Center, which is a humongous warehouse/garage filled with more than 1,000 of GM’s best cars from the last century, and selling a bunch of old classics on the auction block.

Selling a lot of mint classic cars at auctions can net GM a substantial amount of dough. It should be a real task deciding which ones to let go.

"GM hasn’t finalized the list of vehicles to be sold", says Tom Freiman, manager of the Heritage Center.

Still, they aren’t going to sell off the best stuff, says Freiman. "GM won’t get rid of anything that is one of a kind or is a milestone for the company," he says.

The cars will go up for sale at the famous Barrett-Jackson auction which takes place in Scottsdale, Arizona in January. Not all will go to Arizona though, as some vehicles will also be sent to Barrett-Jackson’s other auction in Palm Beach in April.

"The vehicles to be sold are ones that have been little used at the Heritage Center or were created for special events, such as the Specialty Equipment Market Association aftermarket show in Las Vegas", Freiman said.

The Heritage Center and GM have worked closely with Barrett Jackson to also grow the already massive collection of cars. The company has bought many vehicles from the auction house before, and still does every year.

Source: Auto Week

Photo: GM Heritage Center