Hyundai Design Chief Leaves Company

The new Hyundai Genesis and Genesis Coupe are seen by many critics as a fresh step forward for the rising South Korean auto manufacturer. Their designs are well thought out and give the newer Hyundai’s an air of elegance. This is why it was interesting to hear that the man responsible for all this is leaving the company.

Joel Piaskowski has been Hyundai Motor America’s chief designer since 2003. He is the main force behind all of Hyundai’s newest upcoming models. Piaskowski is also credited with developing the current design language that embodies all current Hyundai’s. Piaskowski tenure at Hyundai ends this month. Though it doesn’t look like he’s exactly retiring, there is still no news on where this obviously talented designer will end up.


Hyundai’s current success can be attributed to this man.

Source: Autoblog

Photo: Automotive News