Truck Sales Climb as Gas Prices Fall

Trucks and SUVs will outsell cars in December, according to experts at Edmunds. Trucks will make up 51% of the new vehicle market in December. For this study, car-based crossover SUVs are considered cars. Only SUVs based on trucks such as the Ford Explorer or Toyota Land Cruiser are considered SUVs. 

Heavy incentives and low gas prices have combined to make trucks and SUVs attractive to buyers again. When gas hit $4 a gallon earlier this year, sales of fuel-inefficient SUVs and trucks went way down and hybrid sales grew. Now that gas is less than $2 a gallon, fuel economy is no longer a concern for many buyers and hybrid sales have dropped as SUV sales have climbed. 
Trucks and SUVs are selling with huge incentives. As all automakers struggle to make sales, many trucks and SUVs are selling at several thousand dollars under MSRP. The Hummer H2 is being offered with a $5,570 rebate.
The last time trucks outsold cars was February, MSNBC reports. Typically, truck and SUV sales increase in the winter, when buyers look for four-wheel drive vehicles that perform well in the snow. 

SUVs in the snow picture

Image via Motortrend.