George Clooney’s Classic Corvette

George Clooney is one of the coolest men alive. Case in point: he has a first generation Corvette, the original American sports car. Before the Corvette became synonymous with mid-life crises and cavalier steering wheels in cars that outrun Ferraris for a fraction of the price, the Corvette was a classy car designer for people who enjoy driving.

The first generation Corvette didn’t have the giant slaying horsepower of the ZR1, but it did have style in spades. Look at this picture where Clooney in his Corvette makes the Porsche 911 at the light next to him look like a piece of plastic crap.

Another reason George Clooney is so damn cool, he has been in a relationship with the fantastically beautiful Stacy Keibler for a long time, but when she tried on engagement rings recently, he started growing distant, possibly building up for a breakup, because nobody ties down George Clooney, he was Batman, who do you think you are that you’re good enough to tie Batman down? Elisabetta Canalis tried that once and he dumped her immediately, as What Would Tyler Durdan Do points out.


Image via Just Jared.