GM Opens Advanced Battery Lab in Michigan

Despite going through bankruptcy, General Motors is still constantly making progress toward a greener future. GM opened a high-tech battery lab that will develop batteries for the plug-in hybrid Chevy Volt in Warren, Mich. earlier this week, according to Left Lane News.

While the Global Battery Systems Lab will work primarily on speeding up production of the battery for the Chevy Volt, the lab will also be tasked with developing technology for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

GM’s Global Battery Systems Lab will employ more than 1,000 engineers in its 33,000 square foot facility. The lab signals a shift in priorities at General Motors, which has been forced to make cuts across the board. To open a new battery facility now shows GM’s dedication to the hybrid Volt.

“The new global GM battery lab will benefit consumers across America by helping us advance the development of battery technology in the United States and put cleaner, more efficient vehicles on the road more quickly and affordably,” Fritz Henderson, GM president and CEO, said.

Chevy Volt pic

The new Warren, Mich. battery lab will help General Motors speed up production of the Chevy Volt.

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