Supreme Court Clears Chrysler Sale to Fiat

Last night, the Supreme Court ended the delay of Chrysler’s sale to Fiat, overruling the objections made on Friday by several of Chrysler’s debtors. Two of the State of Indiana’s Pension funds, as well as consumer advocacy groups and several individuals with pending lawsuits against Chrysler fought to delay the sale to have their arguments against it heard. The Supreme Court reviewed their objections and decided last night that there was no legal merit to them, according to Bloomberg.

The new company, named Chrysler Group LLC, will be owned 20% by Fiat, 9.85% by the U.S. government, 2.46% by the Canadian government and 67.69% by the United Auto Workers retiree health care trust.

Congratulations! You now own a car company. Since we’re all partners in this adventure called business ownership, I think we should all get a say in how the company is run. So what changes do you want to see to Chrysler/Fiat’s lineup? I’m officially putting my vote in for a Fiat 500 SRT-4. Stuffing the Dodge Caliber SRT-4’s 285 horsepower turbocharged engine into the 500’s 2,160 pound frame would be flat out awesome. Fiat already has a high performance version of the 500, called the Abarth, so I think we can be satisfied for now if that makes its way to America.

Fiat 500 picture

Picture Via Edmunds.