GM’s March Sales Down 44.7%, smart USA Sees a 1% Increase

March’s car sales numbers are in and although Chrysler saw a 39% decrease in sales over the same month last year, Chrysler’s total U.S. sales for March surpassed 100,000 units for the first time since September.

Ford saw a decline of 41% over the same month in 2008. Despite the low sales in March, the automaker repeatedly says it doesn’t need any bailout money to make it through 2009. Maybe Ford’s new Advantage Plan incentive, which covers up to a year of car loan payments if you lose your job, will help the automaker boost sales in April.

Hyundai, Subaru and Kia fared pretty well, with losses 5% and less for March. Mitsubishi did the worst in March, down 57%.

March 2009 sales:

GM: down 44.7%
Ford: down 41%
Chrysler: down 39%
Toyota: down 36%
Lexus: down 40.6%
Honda: down 34.2%
Acura: down 29.5%
Volkswagen: down 19.7%
Mercedes-Benz: down 25%
smart USA: up 1%
BMW: down 22.9% (includes MINI)
Porsche: down 29%
Mazda: down 33.3%
Nissan: down 36.2%
Infiniti: down 47.6%
Suzuki: down 24%
Audi: down 19.4%
Hyundai: down 5%
Subaru: down 3%
Mitsubishi: down 57%
Kia: down 1%