Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden Gets a Chevy C10 Custom Truck

Joel Madden, the lead singer of Good Charlotte, just picked up one of his dream cars. Madden posted this picture to Instagram of his new second generation Chevy C10 with the caption “Just got one of my dream cars from @bluelineclassics very cool custom shop out in Ohio…very excited to drive this and check the c-10 off my list! #greetingsfromcalifornia #oldschool #theclassics.”

Joel Madden’s truck is a step side (cool) has custom wheels (cool) looks to be lowered (cool) and has a flat black paint job (cool) so he doesn’t have to worry about Nicole Ritchie breaking up with him because his truck wasn’t cool enough (that’s the only Good Charlotte line I can remember because I once unsuccessfully attempted to use some form of it as a pickup line and am still appalled when that conversation pops into my head 15 years later… A teenage Casanova I was not).