Tyrese’s Custom Rolls Royce Sprinter

Tyrese recently spent some time in Dubai, and it looks like the opulence of the city appealed to him. Tyrese now has a custom Mercedes-Benz Sprinter modified to look like a Rolls Royce inside and out.

“Ha! Already got 3 offers and I just got it … Can I live .?? And FYI I’m reading your comments it’s 8 seats total and 6 in he back…. TV’s are on both sides so that everyone in locked in…… Once again thank you to #ChalmersAutomotive aka #VanMasters in KC for gettin me right…. The first ever #RollsRoyceGhostSprinter in these streets…..Vrooom!!!!” Tyrese posted to Instagram.

Tyrese’s Rolls Royce Sprinter has a full custom luxury interior that, aside from the garish colors, looks like it could be from a real Rolls Royce.

The Rolls Royce Sprinter also has Rolls Royce emblems and wheels on the outside. Tyrese hasn’t posted a picture of the outside yet, so no word on whether the front grill has been converted too.

Personally I would have gone with a Maybach theme if I were building a custom Sprinter since they’re both Mercedes products, but it’s Tyrese’s van so he can do as he pleases with it. Nobody would question his choice of movies though.