Holy Purple Nurples! There’s a New Bully on the Block


Meet the new Saleen SMS 570 and SMS 570X. They’re the new bullies on the block. Got a muscle car? Bring it, because these two have more punch than a juice bowl at a prom night reception. Legendary tuner Steve Saleen has taken the already potent Dodge Challenger platform and given it a real shot of juice. SMS is Saleen’s "Signature Series" and the 570X is its new poster boy.

Packing a 5.7-liter R/T Hemi with a supercharger strapped to it, this bad boy puts out 700-hp. That is not a typo ladies and gentleman. This thing makes enough power to affect the earth’s rotation when it launches. While the regular 570 makes only 500-hp, it’s still enough to smoke almost anybody on the road.


All the SMS 570 Challengers will come with the "Red Butterfly Induction" hood along with an upgraded suspension package. Drivetrain components are beefed up, and the exterior, wheels and interior get their own special touches. The treatment is especially awesome when paired with the wild paint colors that you can get a Challenger in. Plum crazy? You betcha!

Want to know the coolest part about these new SMS 570 Challengers? They’re available from your local Dodge dealership and they even come packing a warranty! Pricing is set at $50,000 for the 570 and $60,000 for the 570X. Either one will guarantee you instant bully status on your block.

Source: Inside Line

Photos: Saleen SMS