Coca-Cola Expands its Fleet of Commercial Hybrid Vehicles

Soda-pop king Coca-Cola recently announced that it will acquire 185 new hybrid trucks this year. That number effectively doubles what was already the largest commercial fleet of diesel-electric delivery vehicles in North America. The company now has a total fleet of 327 of these hybrid vehicles, setting the standard in clean commercial fleet transportation.

The diesel-electric hybrid trucks consume an average of 30% less gas, and produce 30% less Co2 pollution and emissions. Still, at a cost of $98,000 per truck, they are roughly $33,000 more expensive than a conventional diesel truck. Coca-Cola co-developed the truck’s engine with Eaton, Cummings and Kenworth. The companies started working together in 2001 and according to Coca-Cola, Eaton “was key to our test fleet.”

The hybrid trucks use a conventional diesel engine mated to an electric motor, which is itself powered by a lithium-ion battery pack. Pure electricity powers the vehicles at speeds below 30 mph. This trait makes the diesel-electric hybrid perfect for the constant stop-and-go traffic of Coca-Cola’s urban delivery routes.

Source: Auto Blog News