Spy Shots! Mercedes-Benz’s Next CLS Caught in Winter Testing

The CLS was an absolute hit for Mercedes-Benz. The trend-setting, segment-creating CLS took design and placed it above function. So what if it’s a bit cramped? So what if there is no rear headroom? I mean, just look at it. It’s lovely. It was no surprise then when the second generation CLS was green-lit for production by the board of directors.


Recently, the new CLS was out and about with some engineers doing a bit of the old winter testing at a remote location in the Arctic Circle. The car was heavily camouflaged and it was interesting to note that its most important design feature, the roof line, was left exposed. It looks just like the older one, meaning we probably won’t see much of an improvement in headroom or space. Most of the redesigning will probably take place in the nose and tail region of the car.


Expect to see the new CLS some time in the end of 2010 as a 2011 model. No word yet on what engine options will be available, but one can bet there will be a V8, and there will be a big V8. An AMG model should follow shortly after.

Source: Auto News Report

Photos: KGP Photography