Ferrari Goes From Red to Green

Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari has recently turned a "green" leaf. The company has recently added photovoltaic solar cell panels atop its Engine Mechanical Machining facility in Maranello, as part of an ongoing commitment by the company to run a cleaner, healthier business. The solar energy is enough that the company no longer needs to pipe in outside energy. The panels have also lowered the amount of energy the company draws from the local power grid by about 210,000 kWh a year, which could result in a massive 25-30% reduction in CO2 emissions.

The solar panels are just the latest components in an effort by Ferrari to create long term environmental sustainability for the company. Besides adding 200 new trees to the grounds around the facility, the company has also added 165,000 square meters of green space to its grounds in just the past six months alone! Seems these days, Ferrari’s leaning more toward green rather than red.


Solar panels are just one way Ferrari is staying green while saving green.

Source: Auto Blog News

Photo: Ferrari