Honda Fit Hybrid in the Works

According to Autoblog, a Japanese newspaper has reported that Honda is planning a hybrid version of the Fit. The report says the hybrid Honda Fit will debut at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, and go on sale in early 2010.  

It isn’t surprising at all that Honda would make a hybrid version of the tiny Fit, which is popular both in Japan and the U.S. In fact, we’re surprised it’s taken so long for Honda to get around to it.

Honda is probably afraid of eating into Insight sales with the Fit Hybrid, which will likely get better gas mileage and cost less, due to its small size and sharing the majority of its parts with the gasoline Fit. So there’s a chance that the Fit either won’t come to the U.S. or will be delayed until the Insight has been around for a few years and sales have slowed down.

The Fit would be a hybrid for the non-pretentious, which either deepens or lessens its appeal to you, depending on your personality. If you need to advertise your vehicle choice as some sort of indication of the quality of your personality, stick with the obvious Prius and Insight. For me, a Fit Hybrid would be the first gas-electric car to draw me into a showroom for a test drive.

2009 honda fit picture