60% of Drivers Admit to Losing Their Temper While Driving, 40% Are Either Liars or Idiots

The America Automobile Association has issued a press release claiming that 60% of drivers polled admitted that they have lost their temper while driving. This begs the question: who are the people who make up this 40% that have never lost their temper while driving?

Either these people live in the world of Pleasantville, they’re lying or they’re the ones driving 10 miles under the speed limit in the left lane with their right blinker on, with talk-radio turned up so loud it drowns out the music in your car and the gangtsa next to you’s trunk-rattling base.

According to AAA Michigan, 50% of all fatal accidents stem from some form of aggressive driving. Speeding, running another driver off the road, tailgating and yelling obscenities are all listed as causes of fatal accidents. Apparently a properly aimed f-bomb can cause an accident.

exploding car picture

Pictured: The results of foul language in traffic.


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