Papa John Going Cross Country Searching For Long Lost Camaro

In 1984, John Schnatter sold his 1972 Camaro to buy pizza making equipment, and opened up the very first Papa John’s shortly thereafter. The business has done well and Papa John has become pretty wealthy. But something is missing. The hole in Papa John’s life can only be filled by that very same Camaro that he hocked to buy pizza supplies.

So Papa John is setting out on a road trip/publicity stunt to find the Camaro he sold back in ’84 and try to buy it from its current owner. The trip will be in another second generation Camaro that John has built to mimic the one he sold.

Normally, I wouldn’t report on such a blatant publicity stunt, but this story tugs at my heart strings. I too know what it feels like to love a vehicle irrationally. I want to see Papa John reunited with his car. So if you’ve got a ’72 Camaro painted gold with black stripes, with a sunroof and split front bumper, head on over to It might be worth $25 grand.

Papa John’s Camaro Picture

The Beginning of Papa John’s Trip.


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