Hyundai Promises to Meet U.S. Economy Standards Early

Hyundai Motor Co. announced Wednesday that it expects to reach America’s new fuel economy standard of 35 miles per gallon by 2015. That means the Korean automaker expects to hit the goal five years before compliance is even required. If they really go through with it, that would be an impressive feat.

"We believe we have the engineering resources and the confidence to reach our target by 2015," said Hyun-Soon Lee, president of the Hyundai-Kia corporate research and development division. "Hyundai is determined to be the industry leader in fuel efficiency."

Hyundai said it is working on gasoline direct injection, eight-speed automatic transmissions, dual continuously variable valve timing and other fuel-saving technologies in the race to meet the fuel economy rule early. As of now, only Toyota and Honda have higher average fuel economy in their fleets. A move like this could really cement Hyundai as a serious alternative.