Spy Shots! Mercedes-Benz SLC Gullwing

There have been a lot of storied cars in Mercedes-Benz’s history. But none have left the impression that the 300SL Gullwing has. Its futuristic gullwing-style doors opened up and over the roof, like some sort of small aircraft. It’s a feature that cemented its status among the most important cars of the last century.

Now Mercedes is going to bring the Gullwing back to its lineup. These test mules were caught during a recent testing run in the Death Valley area of California. Though the car is heavily draped in camouflage, its main attraction, those doors, are unmistakable. The SLC will probably come equipped with a new turbocharged V8 putting out similar output to its bi-turbo V12! A fortified version of Mercedes’ new MCT seven-speed automatic is most likely the transmission of choice.

Expect all the latest gizmos and gadgets too. When it does come out, it will replace the SLR-McLaren as Mercedes-Benz’s top halo vehicle. Expect to see a finalized version on the 2010 show circuit.



It might be in camo, but there’s no mistaking those doors.