Hyundai’s New Tau V8 Engine Lands on Ward’s Yearly “10 Best Engines” List

Hyundai is a company on the move. The South Korean manufacturer has seen steady growth ever since it landed on our shores almost 20 years ago. Now with their new Genesis luxury sedan, Hyundai gets to play with the big boys. To top that, the new "Tau" V8 engine that’s in the Genesis has just landed on the coveted annual Ward’s 10 Best Engines list.

Ward’s recently had a chance to test the engine in the new Genesis sedan and said,The engine’s velvety power delivery, competitive performance and attainable price epitomise the Korean automaker’s drive for world-class engineering."

Indeed, world-class is a word that can now be easily identified with products from the South Korean auto manufacturer. Not only does the Tau V8 make more horsepower per liter than any competitor, but it also is by far the most economical. When mated to the standard ZF-built 6-speed automatic transmission, the new Tau V8 offers the type of relaxed, seamless performance that luxury buyers are expecting.

"The critically acclaimed Hyundai Genesis and the Tau V8 engine were designed to rival the best premium sport sedans and V8 engines the world has to offer,” said Scott Margason, national manager, product development, Hyundai Motor America. "Hyundai is particularly proud of Genesis and the Tau V8 engine as they embody the brand’s commitment to performance and efficiency and are delivered to the customer with exceptional value."

When you add up what you get for your money, the Genesis equipped with the Tau engine becomes more and more of a striking value. Now that it can claim to have one of the best production car engines in the world, Hyundai is on its way to becoming a major contender in the automotive luxury landscape.

Source: The Auto Channel