Jay Leno’s McLaren P1

Jay Leno is finding time in his post Tonight Show life to spend a bit more time with his second passion – his cars. Leno bought one of the 375 McLaren P1s that have been made. Instead of stuffing it in a museum somewhere so that car lovers can see if from the other side of a velvet rope from now until the end of time, Leno drives it around California and takes it to car shows. Leno brought his $1.4-million dollar supercar to a meet in Los Angeles last weekend.


Maximumcars posted this image to Instagram with the caption “Jay Leno coming out of his brand new Mclaren P1! Worst time for my camera to die!”

The McLaren P1 is a 916-horsepower, 722 lb-ft torque supercar powered by a 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine with 727-horsepower combined with an electric motor that makes 176-hp. The electric motor can be used at the driver’s will or can be set into an automatic mode where it is programmed to kick in when the engine is experiencing turbo lag to give the P1 a powerband of 7,000 rpms. The McLaren P1 will do 0-60-mph in 2.8-seconds and has a top speed of 217-mph.