Ken Block Drifts an 850-HP AWD Mustang Through Los Angeles in Gymkhana 7

Ken Block has released Gymkhana 7, the newest in his ongoing series of ridiculous car trick videos that show off Block’s driving skills as well as promoting his brand Hoonigan (a portmanteau of hooligan and hoon – a word used in Australia for automotive shenanigans like burnouts and drifting.)

The car is a full tube frame racecar with a 65 Mustang body and 850-horsepower sent through a six-speed manual to an all-wheel drive system. In addition to the ridiculous 850-horsepower engine, the car lives up to the name Hoonicorn with a stack of individual throttle bodies poking through the hood.

Gymkhana 7 is a little low on the theatrics compared to previous versions. It is filmed on LA’s city streets, which is impressive, but if you’re expecting something like a car jumping over a helicopter, prepare for disappointment. Block does drift around a moving cop car, but it’s not as impressive as the moving Segway he did donuts around with inches of clearance. The highlight of the video is the monster Mustang doing donuts underneath the front end of a hopping lowrider. It might not have the wow factor of previous installments in the series, but Gymkhana 7 does a great job of showing the beautiful mechanical dance that is drifting at its highest level, and it’s damn cool.



Images via Hoonigan