Krispy Kreme Giving Away Mini Cooper to a Doughnut Fan, Apparently Without Ever Having Seen a Doughnut Fan

Krispy Kreme is giving away a new 2009 Mini Cooper to celebrate the launch of its new mini doughnuts. The new mini doughnuts, available in glazed, chocolate glazed and chocolate with sprinkles, are on sale now.

Krispy Kreme is obviously going with the “mini” theme with the whole promotion, which is clever enough. What caught our attention was that it used the words “doughnut fan” a few times in its press release. When we picture a doughnut fan, the image that pops into our heads is of someone who would have quite a bit of trouble fitting into a Mini Cooper.

Fat Guy in Mini Cooper picture

Artist’s rendering.  Maybe a better choice would have been something with a bench seat.

To be fair, if you’re capable of eating just one doughnut, the mini is a healthier alternative to a full-sized Krispy Kreme. Having eaten at Krispy Kreme before though, I can tell you that you’ll just end up eating twice as many.

Doughnut fans can use a special code found on boxes of the new mini doughnuts to enter the sweepstakes between April 27 and 30. If you’re on a diet but still want to enter, go to, where you can register to win the Mini Cooper without buying anything.


Picture via tonyballoni on flickr.