Lamborghini’s New Four-Door, the Estoque


What started as a few teaser shots has finally materialized as a real knockout at the Paris Auto Show. Lamborghini is releasing this as a "concept study", but inside sources say the green light has already been given for the Estoque four-door supercar.

Lamborghini plans on this car being the pivital model that will help the company double its sales in the next few years. In the Estoque, Lamborghini is providing customers with a car they can drive on an every day basis. 

Lamborghini President Stepahn Winkelmann said, “With our existing cars, there is day-by-day usability, but they are not used every day. Most of them are used for less than 5,000 kilometers a year. This car is something different. It’s for every day use.”

The striking Estoque is all angles and shadows. The car evokes a vision of the future where everyone who drives one of these Lambos is too cool for his/her own good. Those massive wheels house some serious rubber and braking hardware, which is all quite sexy. All in all, it’s a striking car, and guaranteed to steal all the attention in the parking garage.

Power will come from a 5.3-liter V10 with "around 500-hp" so you know it won’t be lacking in the speed department. Lamborghini claims that besides the engine and transmission, no other parts are shared with other Lamborghini models. Performance is promised to be breathtaking (of course) and the price will be about $200,000 when it comes out next year. Too bad you don’t get the cool scissor doors.


Is that thing striking or what?

Source: Auto Week

Photos: Lamborghini SpA