Toyota to Bring iQ City Car to the U.S. as a Scion

If there ever was a better business case for selling fuel-efficient cars, the current state of things is it. While not even an option a few years ago, small "city cars" are becoming more and more attractive for automakers because they feel they can profit on this situation.

Case in point, the Toyota iQ city car. A year ago, Toyota would have never thought of bringing this car stateside, but now they are indeed going to bring it here, but as a Scion! It makes perfect sense as it fits right into the Scion line-up and should sell well if the price point is attractive to consumers.

To be able to sell well without affecting Toyota’s other small cars, like the Yaris, the iQ would be marketed quite differently and also it would have a starting price of less than $15,000. Equipped with the same 1.5-liter four as the Yaris, the U.S. iQ should be quite happy on the motoring on the highway.


Funky, hip and cheap, the iQ should prove to be a hit.

Source: Motor Trend

Photo: Toyota Motor Co.