LEGO Cars Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

For most people, the mere mention of LEGOS sends you into a nostalgic tailspin that ends in a plot to call mom up and ask her very nicely to ship you the shoeboxes full of little plastic blocks and people with those hats with uncurved brims that I always thought were absolutely ridiculous but now somehow have become popular in the real world.

If you ever played with LEGOS, you know that building what’s on the box is fun, but the real entertainment comes from tearing the pirate ship down and seeing what else you can build with the parts. One of my favorite things was always building cars out of a mishmash of LEGOS. They were never a uniform color, and usually resembled what an early sketch of a Willy’s Jeep might have looked like.

Firas Abu-Jaber, a member of, a community for LEGO enthusiasts, is much better at building LEGO cars than I ever was. He’s built LEGO versions of the Lamborghini Reventon, Ford GT, Dodge Tomahawk, Shelby Supersnake and even K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider. Basically, he’s built all the cars I would have posters of on my wall if my girlfriend wasn’t such a fuddy-duddy.

The cars are super realistic, and most even have working steering wheels.

The best is Firas’ mock episode of Pimp My Ride. He builds a hoopty, inserts his own version of Xzibit’s stock dialogue, then recreates every facet of a typical Pimp My Ride build, but with LEGOS. The Pimp My Ride Silverado is complete down to the TV Screens in the back, just in case really tiny people need to watch TV outside.

lego cars audi R8 pictures

lego cars dodge tomahawk picture

Lego cars Mustang Shleby Supersnake picture

lego cars ford gt picture

lego cars pimp my ride chevy silverado picture

Props to Jalopnik for finding Firas’ page.