Camaro Convertible Delayed, New Launch Set For 2011

The convertible version of Chevrolet’s recently reborn Camaro was originally slated to launch just one year after the hard-top, in early 2010. It turns out that the drop-top Camaro won’t be available until the beginning of 2011. 

2011 camaro convertible picture

Edmunds is reporting that a Chevrolet spokesperson told Automotive News about the delay, but didn’t say if he gave a reason for the wait.

The delay is probably a combination of GM’s current financial situation slowing down the expensive process of designing and building the convertible Camaro, mixed with the bad sales market for new cars right now. It’s probably for the best. There’s no reason to believe people will buy an expensive fun-time car when we’re bombarded constantly with reminders of how bad things are financially, and if Chevrolet did launch it now, it would be old news by the time the market turned around.

Picture via Motortrend.