Mazda Will Use Trans-Siberian Train to Ship Cars to Russia

The Russian car market is booming. People who previously never dreamed of owning a car can now do so and it has opened up a world of opportunity for automakers worldwide. One of the automakers taking advantage of Russia’s vast transport network is Mazda. The company recently revealed that it is now using the famous Trans-Siberian train system to deliver its cars into the country.

While at first seeming like a slower route to transport vehicles, it will actually cut delivery time by an average of 30 days. That’s a huge difference as far as logistics go, and a real advantage to Mazda as they can get the vehicles to customers faster than ever now. Mazda will put its vehicles in a "comprehensive wrap guard" to protect them, then put them onto the 5,778-mile-long Zarubino-to-Moscow route.

The vehicles will start at the Japan assembly site, either Hiroshima or Hofu, and be shipped to the starting point in Zarubino on dedicated 30-car trains with fully-closed rail cars. The railway delivery method will get Mazdas to Moscow in 10 days, which is far faster than by ship or truck, and a lot less dangerous.


 A Mazda 3 emerges from the Trans-Siberian train, which picked it up 10 days earlier.