Reiger Tuning Unveils New Kit for Ford’s Mondeo in Europe


Rieger Tuning has been around for a while. Though a specialist in European car brands, recently they turned their efforts to something wearing a blue oval on its nose.

Ford’s Mondeo has been a huge seller in Europe. Its combination of refinement and value proved too tempting and the Europeans snapped them up like wildfire. In fact, it’s such a common car on the roads over there that they’ve almost become a symbol for the regular sedan. It’s also Europe’s most popular company car.

Well, now German tuner Reiger has come out with a kit that will make your Mondeo stand out a bit. Consisting of a front lip, side skirts with cutout shaft and a rear bumper, this kit makes the Mondeo seem almost, dare I say it, sexy. Besides the body pieces, the comapny also offers suspension upgrades via KW coilovers, and modest engine tuning with the swap of the car’s stock ECU for a sportier one. Wheel upgrades are also available, of course. One thing’s for sure though, there will be a lot of envious Mondeo drivers out there. Rieger’s kit isn’t just sublte and tasteful, it really transforms the stock car into something special, in fact you could even call it a "tuner special". Keep in mind though, that unless you live in Europe, you can’t get this awesome kit.


That rear-end means business.