Mercedes-Benz CLK Becomes the E-Class Coupe


It seems the CLK moniker is dead. Mercedes-Benz has recently made it clear that the next coupe in its lineup would be called the E-Class coupe, not the CLK. This comes as a surprise to some who feel it should have just been called the E-Class coupe from the beginning. After all, the CLK is just a two-door E-Class and the two models have always shared front styling.

Recently, a Dutch automobile blog site,, released some suprisingly official images of the new E-Class coupe. The pictures show the coup in all its glory. Just like previous CLK’s, this one will share its front face with the new E-Class. Overall, the look is almost that of a baby CL.

Mercedes-Benz has not commented on whether or not these pictures are the real deal, but they sure look like it. Then again, we live in a world were anything can be created with a bit of imagination and a bit of Photoshop. Either way, it looks like these pictures will at least keep the buzz on this new car fresh.


Source: AutoBlog