Hummer is the Most Ticketed Brand in America

Don’t like to get tickets? Don’t get a Hummer then! The reason I say this is because the Hummer is officially the most ticketed brand in America. A company called ISO Quality Planning did a study of more than 1.7 million ticketed vehicles and found the Hummer to be the brand that gets the most tickets.

Here is how ISO Quality Planning figured it out. "Traffic code violations data for a one-year period from 2007 and 2008 were used for the study. Vehicles that were discontinued for more than 10 years were not included in the analysis. Violations were standardized based on the number of violations per 100,000 miles driven for each model. That standardization accounts for the differences in average annual miles driven by different models. Each vehicle model’s violation count per 100,000 miles was compared with the average across all the models to identify the 10 models with the highest and lowest violations, as compared to the average. For example, Hummer drivers were 4.63 times more likely to get a ticket, as compared to the average."


Hummers get ticketed almost five times more than other vehicles! Want a tip on how to lower your insurance? Don’t buy a Hummer.

Source: Jalopnik

Chart: ISO Quality Planning