Mercedes-Benz Gets Exposure, Promotes Leasing/Financing in 2011

New reports show Mercedes-Benz promoting its cars in San Francisco, along with the Gull Wing Group, with a photo campaign reliving past market efforts in the 1960s. Meanwhile, the company is loaning some of its most elaborate designs to venues like the Portland Art Museum in Oregon, where the legendary short-run Mercedes-Benz SLR 300 is on display for the time being. And, for anyone who wants a run-down of the auto maker’s full catalog, the company web site offers the news on what’s in the pipeline, as well as help with purchasing options.

In order to help customers feel better about late-model MB acquisition, the company is offering various financing options, some of them more useful than others. A look at the Mercedes-Benz “financing options” resource shows that the top-flight auto maker is suggesting leasing, balloon payments, or the purchase of a pre-owned Benz as three ways to assist customers with financing. The first consideration, leasing, is fine for some customers, but with high extra mileage costs and less of the freedoms of ownership, it’s not for everybody. That goes double for the company’s next proposal: with balloon payments, the buyer can simply defer a lot of the loan interest, leaving lower monthly payments. However, as the site points out, this somewhat dangerous financial option is really made for stockbrokers and others with “irregular” income streams, not someone trying to seriously pay off a vehicle month to month. So approach this option with caution. The third option, buying pre-owned, may make sense, especially in today’s market, but if you do want Mercedes-Benz engineering titled in your name, always be sure to ask about the best interest rates, lowest financing fees and other aspects of your auto financing deal to come away from the experience richer and less tethered to high amounts of debt.