Mercedes-Benz Recalls 2009 SLK Over Faulty Electrics

I thought by now that Mercedes-Benz would have gotten a hold on this, but I guess not. Another model is being recalled due to faulty electrical systems failures, this time on the brand-new 2009 SLK roadster.

Here is the list of things that could go wrong because of this:

1. The fuel gauge readings may be incorrect.

2. A stuck fuel-level sensor may not be displayed in the instrument panel.

3. The OBD system might make the check engine light go on incorrectly.

4. The speedometer might be out of calibration.

But the worst one is the fact that in the event of a crash, the fuel pump may not recieve the shut-off signal and will keep pumping fuel into the engine bay, causing a possible fire and explosion incident. This is obviously a matter of high priority due to the obvious safety issue involved.

As a solution, dealers will recode the computers free of charge and will check to make sure all systems are performing properly. Mercedes-Benz claims that recall letters started to go out on August 30, but some owners are just getting them now, meaning they’ve been driving a potentially hazardous car for months! For more info, contact MB at 1-800-367-6372.

Source: Internet Auto Guide