Mike Wolfe’s New Ford F100

Mike Wolfe of American Pickers has a Ford F100. Wolfe just recently picked up the F100, and while we have no info on how he found the truck or what he paid for it, it’s easy to imagine he found it sitting on a farmer’s property and got a great deal. No matter where he found it, the F100 is beautiful and looks to be completely stock, which is rare on an old truck that’s survived this long.

American pickers follows Mike and his partner as they travel around the country searching through barns and sheds to find pieces of Americana they can flip for a profit. So it’s no surprise that Wolfe would find a great old Ford F100 sitting in some barn somewhere and probably get a great deal on it.

The F100 was the predecessor to the F-150 and while it was legendary for its reliability and for taking the abuse of a true work truck. It’s a far cry from the modern F-150 that, while it is certainly more reliable than the old technology, is practically a luxury car in some trims. Ford’s F100 engineers would have laughed at the idea of a truck that can tow 9,800-lbs having air conditioned seats, but that’s what the new F-150 Platinum with the 6.2-liter V8 is capable of.


Image via Celebrity Cars Blog.