MTM Shows Us the True Potential of VW’s New Scirocco

As if it wasn’t bad enough that Volkswagen is not going to be bringing the new Scirocco to the states, now the European tuners are getting their mitts on the new coupe and the results are rather mouthwatering. The latest to join the fray is legendary Audi tuner Motoren Technik Meyer (MTM).


The new MTM Scirocco R is a work of automotive high-performance art. The tuning firm offers modifications that compliment all the important aspects of the Scirocco. With the MTM modifications, the Scirocco gets transported to an even higher level.

Starting with the engine, MTM has three states of tune for the GTI-derived 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder. Starting with a mild ECU reflash, the stage one will net 245-hp. Next, there are the 250-hp and 272-hp stages that use bespoke exhaust and intake parts to push performance even further. Next up, the MTM Clubsport chassis package equips the car with lowering springs and sport shocks, dropping the car’s ride height by up to 1.6 inches. To help haul all that speed down, MTM offers a huge eight-pot Brembo brake system with perforated discs.


On the styling front, MTM has done a good job of upgrading the car without looking too tacky. The aero modifications are rather subtle, with the rear exhaust apron routing around the new quad exhaust pipes fitted by the German tuner. Tasteful MTM graphics run alongside the car’s doors. MTM exclusive Bimota wheels can also be purchased in 19” or 20” sizes. Both come with a choice of either Michelin or Continental tires.

All together, MTM’s modifications only enhance the already potent and stylish Scirocco to yet another league. With styling and power to match, this should prove an attractive option for Scirocco owners overseas. Too bad we can’t get a taste here in the states.

Source: Inside Line

Photos: Motoren Technik Meyer