November Sales Show Most Automakers Down at Least 30%

November’s auto sales figures are in and once again, they’re atrocious. The only automakers that didn’t get totally massacred were Subaru and Volkswagen.

Subaru’s sales were down a mere 8% and VW only had a sales decline of 19.2%, which wasn’t too bad considering almost all the other automakers posted at least a 30% drop in sales. Subaru is also one of the few automakers showing a sales increase for year-to-date numbers. They are up 1% over last year for total sales YTD.

Here’s the American sales numbers for November compared to the same month last year:
Chrysler down 47%
GM down 41.3%
Ford down 30.6%
Toyota down 33.9%
Lexus down 34.7%
Honda down 31.6%
Acura down 38.9%
Porsche down 48.2%
BMW down 26.8%
Volkswagen down 19.2%
Hyundai down 40%
Mazda down 31.3%
Mercedes-Benz down 30%
Kia down 37.2%
Suzuki down 46%
Nissan down 42.2%
Mitsubishi down 36%
Audi down 25.4%
Subaru down 8%
So as the three American automakers try to prove to Congress why they need a $25 billion bridge loan this week, it’s obvious that all automakers across the board are struggling with sales. Will the recent news of an official U.S. recession keep buyers away from dealerships in December?