Nissan Calls Porsche’s Bluff

In an earlier article, I wrote about how Porsche went on the record saying that Nissan had cheated when posting its Nurburgring times for the GT-R supercar.

Porsche had claimed that when they tried matching that lap time in their own dealer-bought GT-R, they could not get within 25 seconds of Nissan’s claimed 7:29 lap time. The only way they could do this was with aftermarket tires, claimed Porsche. Nissan was not happy. Comapany honchos refused to have their baby’s named muddied. So they shot right back at Porsche.

They did this by posting an in-car video of their test driver doing a 7:29 lap at the Ring’, and then they went as far as putting up the tires on display for everyone to see. The video clearly shows someone in a GT-R who manages to lap the circuit in that claimed time. Now, at the moment, this still really proves nothing. No one knows for sure what that car was packing, though Nissan claims it was stock. Those tires are good evidence, if there is a way to prove they were the tires used in the test. After all this, these claims are still more of a "trust us" claim.

For a company like Porsche to come out and publicly stick its neck out like that really should prove something. I doubt they would make the claim, just to look foolish later. Hmmm, I’m still undecided. Nissan, the ball is in your court now.


Here are the tires, but where is the proof?

Here is a link to the video for you to judge for yourself: Nissan GT-R Official Lap Time

Source: Edmund’s Inside Line

Photo via Nissan Motor Co.