Mitsubishi Offers Japanese Customers a “Premium” Evo

The Japanese get to have all the fun! We have to sit here and salivate as they get special after special, and we don’t. Spec-V Nissan Skyline’s and 22B Subaru Imprezas are just two of the cars we have been denied over the past years. Now they go and do it again!

Mitsubishi is the culprit this time with their Japan-only (boo!) Lancer Evolution GSR-Premium Edition. Sporting some real spec equipment, the GSR-Premium Edition really lives up to its name. Beautiful Recaro sports seats and a premium navigation system join a host of other options that make this little number feel rather special. BBS has come on board and supplied some gorgeous 18” wheels and suspension tweaks to match. All in all, this adds up to a very special looking Evo, one that is worthy of its premium moniker. Just remember that at an equivalent of about $50,000, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR-Premium Edition has a very special price tag too!



Just look at that interior! Nice.

Source: Edmund’s Inside Line

Photos: Mitsubishi Motor Sales of America