Nissan Considers Getting Rid of its Full-Size SUVs

In what appeared to be a surprising move, Nissan Motor Co. announced they would be considering the future of their full-size SUV lineup. The company has stated the usual economic excuses, but there is more to this tale than meets the eye.

The SUVs being considered for execution are the Nissan Armada and the Infiniti Qx56. Also on the chopping block, surprisingly, is the Nissan Quest Minivan. Then again, after some research, the clues become clear. All these models have something in common. They are slow sellers, but the real common bond they share is their place of birth.

All three models are built at Nissan’s Mississippi automotive production plant, which is the same plant that has been slated to start producing Nissan’s new line of commercial vehicles. Production of Nissan’s new NV2500 will be joined by two other commercial vehicles, meaning the plant will be running at full capacity.

What about the models currently being built there? Don’t hold your breath. Like I said, they were slow sellers anyways and the company is in the middle of trying to change its image, so the last thing they need is to invest major dough relocating the production of these slow sellers. Seems that the writing is already on the wall.

Source: Left Lane News