Nothing Left for Me To Do But Drive – Jay Kay from Jamiroquai Buys a LaFerrari

Jamiroquai front man Jay Kay is a huge Ferrari buff (he wrote the song Black Devil Car about his Enzo), and as such he must have been beyond excited about the LaFerrari, which is basically as close to an F1 car as has ever been released to the public. Jay Kay from Jamiroquai’s LaFerrari isn’t just any LaFerrari off the shelf, he had it painted Kermit Green.

The LaFerrari is the first ever hybrid by Ferrari. It has a 789-horsepower V12 as well as a 161-horsepower KERS system for a total of 950-horsepower for short bursts.

Unfortunately the LaFerrari isn’t a convertible, so there isn’t enough room for Jay Kay to wear his famous giant hat while he drives.


Source: The Supercar Kids.