Open Letter and Open Top – Jay-Z’s Jeep Wrangler

Jay-Z just released a track called open letter in which he addresses concerns over his recent trip to Cuba. Jay fires back at two republican congress members who questioned whether his trip to Cuba was sanctioned by the Government two ways. First, by addressing the actual question (yes, it was, and the U.S. treasury department has confirmed that, according to the Associated Press). And second by getting political and pointing out the hypocrisy of the country banning trade and visits to Cuba while allowing both to communist China and insinuating that the Republican Congress members were targeting him because it could by association discredit Obama. Jay-Z’s open letter also includes confirmation that Jay is selling his stake in the Brooklyn Nets, but keeping his floor seats.

In addition to an open letter, Jay-Z has an open top Wrangler. Not exactly the car I would have pegged for the man who has “Rolleys that don’t tick tock” and“ half a billi” (that’s half a billion, Jay’s net worth), but the Wrangler is a unique car and If Jay-Z wanted a mean looking SUV with a convertible top, the Jeep was his only option.

Jay-Z and Beyonce were spotted getting into the silver four door wrangler with the top down. Jay’s Wrangler also has some deep dish chrome wheels. Thankfully Jay-Z’s Jeep Wrangler doesn’t follow the odd trend lately of expensive chrome wheels matched incongruously with knobby offroad tires – if you’re going through terrain rough enough to need side lugs, you’re going to mess up the sensitive finish on the pretty wheels, and if you aren’t, why deal with the worse ride and constant noise?


Image via Celebrity Cars Blog.