Prodrive to Start Selling Retired Rally Cars

Sport tuner Prodrive is now opening up listings for its retired rally cars, according to a recent Autoweek article. Instead of sending its trusty dirt-blazing supercars to Subaru heaven, it may get you behind the wheel of one these babies. Isn’t that nice of them?

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Prodrive ranks among one of the world’s finest race teams when it comes to rally driving, helping to launch the Subaru brand to stardom with its impressive record in the World Rally Circuit. The company already sells fully-prepped race cars to WRC teams and private racers.

In the past, old race cars used by WRC teams were usually scrapped, cannibalized for their parts or sold off to collectors. Prodrive is the first company to actively list its retired cars on an open floor. I would not be surprised to see other companies following suit, and we may see some Lancers and Peugeots out there as well.

However, before you go crazy over trying to snatch up a race car, remember these vehicles will likely not pass inspection in many states. They most likely do not have back seats. And let’s not forget that even these cars have been “restored”, which means they may or may not have gone through something like in the video below. You might want to get the Carfax report.