Saab Parts Now Available In U.S.

Saab may be gone, but now the bankrupt company’s parts division has been reborn and will be selling replacement parts for the half million Saabs still on the road in the U.S. and Canada. 

Saab Automobile Parts AB is a separate division of the automaker that is still operating and supplying replacement parts to repair facilities and former dealers throughout the world.  A subsidiary has just been launched in the U.S. that is headquartered in Michigan and will provide parts for North American Saabs.  The company also reached an agreement with Saab’s creditors to use the bankrupt automaker’s body shop to build replacement body parts, according to Motor Authority.

A big question that slowed sales of new Saabs after the company’s bankruptcy despite heavy discounts was what would happen if your Saab broke.  With no official manufacturer warranties on the vehicles, even if your dealer were willing to extend a warranty on a new Saab, that would be worthless if they couldn’t get the parts needed to fix your car. Now Saab dealers with remaining stock (and there are some new Saabs still for sale, I found three 9-3s in the Miami area on Autotrader) can at least be able to repair the cars they’re selling.

Those three Saabs aren’t being advertised at particularly impressive prices, but a shrewd negotiator should be able to get a deal on the now orphaned cars.  Used values will probably drop faster than they would have, so deals should be available on that market too.