Smart Recalling 43 Fortwo’s Over Strange Problem


Smart recently announced that they are recalling 43 2008 Smart Fortwo 451 (the Fortwo 451 designation identifies Smart vehicles sold in the U.S. and Canada in 2008) vehicles because a problem with some paint could eventually lead to separation of the roof or windshield of the vehicle while it is in motion, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

NHTSA stated that the recall started when a single batch of paint sent to the company did not meet specifications. "A rework was done in the plant using different formulations of painting materials," said the government agency in its recall summary of the problem. "After the rework was completed, it was determined that the combination of materials used to repaint the frame and chassis could lead to delamination of the paint materials from the body and frame structures."

"Such delaminating can take place in the area of the body where the windshield and roof have been affixed with adhesive, which could affect the adhesion of those components to the vehicle body, increasing the risk of separation. This could cause a crash if the roof or windshield separated from the vehicle while in motion."

Jeez, this seems like a serious problem. It also can’t be good for Smart, who is trying to make inroads on the U.S. market and is only at its infancy here. If people start thinking that a small paint problem can have structural effects on the car’s body, they’re bound to start thinking negatively of the brand as a whole. Smart cannot afford this kind of publicity.

Smart dealers will repaint the affected areas to meet specifications and fix the problem. The recall is expected to begin some time this month. Smart Fortwo owners with further questions can contact the company at the number below. If you own one of these cars, head over to your dealer asap. Smart Customer Service: 1 (248) 648-2451