Spy Shots: Jaguar Will Release an XF-R After All!

After Jaguar released their new XF Supercharged, everyone assumed this was the next XF-R, just with a different name. After all, it uses the same engine as the last XF-R and no plans for an actual XF-R were known, until now.

These XF-R prototypes were caught out at a recent test drive. The mesh grill and effectively different body kit on the car give the game away and if anything, make it blatantly obvious that it’s an "R" model. It will come standard with what appears to be the optional 20” wheels from the regular XF. Or they were just there for testing, who knows?

The real news is what’s under the hood of this cat. An all-new, supercharged 5.0-liter V8 is what! It’s an all-new engine that will filter down to the entire Jaguar lineup in one form or another, and will also be used on Land Rover’s upcoming SUVs. In the XF-R, it will likely produce around 500 horsepower (up from 420hp), a number that will finally put it in the hunt with the current crop of super sedans. Expect the requisite brake and suspension upgrades as well along with a high-horsepower price. For now though, here are some spy shots:

jaguarxfrf34500.jpg jaguarxfrpro500.jpg jaguarr34500.jpg

Extra tail pipes to accommodate the extra horses.