Spy Shots! Audi’s Awesome R8 Gets its Top Chopped Off

Even though we all knew it was inevitable, Audi is in the final stages of finalizing its new R8 variant, the R8 Spyder. The Spyder will be the convertible version of Audi’s halo supercar. To think that Audi wouldn’t want to capitalize on the R8’s success is just naive.

The Spyder is shown (at least in these photos) to have a soft-top, convertible roof, similar to the Lamborghinis that share its architecture. The top mimics the Gallardo in the sense that it gets stowed away under a body panel when the top is down. No change in powertrain or hardware seems to be visible, but rumors of a V10 or even a V12 turbo-diesel have been floating around. In fact, inside sources have indicated for us to look out for the R8 V10 at the next Geneva Auto Show. For now, we get some tasty spy shots.




Audi’s new R8 is sure to be a hit with the wind-in-my-hair folks.