Spy Shots! Buick’s New LaCrosse Caught Testing on Public Roads

Buick’s future is in a sort of gray area right now. While it might seem like an American staple, people here have all but forgotten this hollowed brand. That might be because Buick nowadays makes cars that are nothing like they were in their glory days. A Buick used to be a symbol of success, that you’ve gone somewhere in life.

In today’s mentality, it seems Buick’s are seen as cars for those who are soon leaving this life. Buick knows this better than anyone, and it wants a whole new generation of people (ahem, young people) to rediscover the mighty Buick brand.

First sign of life was the polorizing and gorgeous new Invicta concept. Hinting at the next LaCrosse, the Invicta was everything Buick currently wasn’t. It was something Buick needed to be, and badly! Buick was recently out and about on public streets testing its new LaCrosse test mule. Though it was heavily disguised, the mavericks at KGP Photography (they always seem to be at the right place at the right time) came through again with some awesome spy shots for our enjoyment.

Though heavily disguised, it was plain to see that this new Buick will carry more than just a few styling elements from the Invicta concept. One model was running standard rear bumpers, while one was wearing a more sporty bumper package which had exhaust cutouts in the rear. The most welcome change has been in the interior. Where Buick really lacked before was on the inside where it was obvious it was just a mish-mash of parts from the GM parts bin. These photos though, show a much more cohesive and better put-together design. Buick is setting its sights high on this one.

The spy photographers reported that they were also comparing their test mule with a few competitors they had on hand, including the Lincoln MKS, Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Volkswagen Passat. Stiff competition for a brand that not to long ago relied on tarted-up rehashed front-wheel drive platforms. This seems to be a return to form for Buick.





The interior is finally a match to the brand’s historic reputation.