Spy Shots! Porsche’s Panamera Interior Has Gone Button Crazy

Porsche’s new upcoming model, the four door Panamera, has gone button crazy. We got a hold of the latest spy shots of the car’s interior, and well, you can see all the buttons, right? The console is surrounded by what seems like a million different buttons. What’s worse is they are fitted wherever there is space, like around the shifter housing and even the navigation is touch screen with, guess what, more buttons!

What all these buttons control is beyond me and it seems daunting just to think of what the owners/users manual looks like, or how many volumes it comes in. One thing is clear though, Porsche has refused to follow current trends and affix an iDrive, MMI or COMMAND style central control knob and instead will rely on its delicious collection of buttons, all 5,000 of them.


Which button is the ejector seat again?

Source: Car and Driver

Photo: XCAR