Ford’s New Teaser Gets us a Little Closer to the New Mustang

This has become an annoying trend to say the least. Instead of just releasing the pictures of the new Mustang and creating some excitement, or doing the opposite and holding them until the last minute, Ford continues to give us these obnoxious teaser shots of the upcoming pony car.

The latest in a collection of fenders and pieces of front grill is a shot of the production Mustang’s new interior. At least in this shot we get to see the whole thing, and not just an a/c knob or something.  After all that wait, what do we get? An interior that could easily be mistaken for the old one. Great, nothing’s really changed in here, Ford. You see, the boys in blue really don’t have the guts to mess with the Mustang’s design too much. It would be too risky.

So what we get is basically a re-stylized version of the current Mustang’s interior design. You can probably expect much better materials and fit and finish, but that’s about it. Hopefully, this “warmed-over” tactic won’t also be applied to the car’s exterior when it all gets officially revealed (pending possible Internet leakage) on November 19.


Good job Ford, older Mustang resale values should be sparred.

Source: Edmund’s Inside Line

Photo: Ford Motor Co.